About me

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I’m a research scientist at DeepMind in London, UK, where I work chiefly on generative modelling at scale. Before that, I was a PhD student at Ghent University in Belgium. On this blog, I mostly write about machine learning, deep learning, music information retrieval (MIR), recommender systems and generative models.

My PhD research topic was learning hierarchical representations of musical audio signals for classification and recommendation, with a focus on deep learning and feature learning. More information can be found on the Research page. Since then I have worked on audio generation (e.g. WaveNet), AlphaGo, representation learning, and generative modelling with autoregressive models, GANs and diffusion models.

During my PhD, I was also quite active on Kaggle. A few write-ups about my experience with Kaggle competitions are available on this blog. I also wrote a paper about my winning solution for an astronomy competition.

I was one of the lead developers of the Theano-based neural network library Lasagne.

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